A   p l a c e   o f   p r a c t i c e

T H E   D O J O

“Theory is splendid,
but until put into practice, it is valueless”

James C. Penney

P R a c t i c e   s p a c e S

T H E   d o j o

At the intersection between the 4 core concepts, we find another element that brings life to our work: The Dojo.
Inspired by the real Japanese Dojos, the place where martial arts are practiced, our physical and virtual Dojo is a place of multiple arts and offers entrepreneurs a safe container for practicing a new way of being and doing, share practices, learnings, ideas and doubts related to their lives and projects, building resilient relationships and community.
4  Cognitive
& Nervous System
2  Network
1  Legacy
3  Rigorous Science
& MEasurements